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There is no distinct order to this portfolio. Feel free to explore however you desire.  

Rather than being confined to nondescript rules regarding this website’s structure, I want you to feel open to exploring the pages however you see fit. Break your paradigms!

Note: There is some connection between the central theme of my portfolio “The Body: Brazen and Demure” and the content of my textual and non-textual works.

Throughout the rest of the year I intend on further characterizing the brazen and modest nature of societal bodies, Davidson bodies, and my own body through imagery and text. 

Brazen Bodies

Demure Bodies

About Me

Hello and Welcome to my Humanities Portfolio! My name is Hollis Plexico (she/her/hers), I am a first-year intended Communication Studies major from St. Petersburg, Florida. 

I found inspiration for the theme “The Body: Brazen and Demure” through my perception of the way women and other minority groups are portrayed in the media today. I am an avid non-fiction reader and self-help podcast consumer and some of the greatest lessons I have learned about myself have stemmed from a detachment from labels. Our generation is obsessed with verification, Myers-Briggs types, Enneagram types, Zodiac signs, and binary qualifications but, who are we without these titles? Who am I at the core? How do these labels impact my body? Can we qualify these answers without such classifications? 

This ties in with my research paper which addresses the perceived exclusivity of musical theatre intersecting with disabled and able-bodied performers to transition away from the common conceptual scheme associated with the art form.  

That is what I seek to explore here and I hope that you can explore these possibilities with me. 


Special thanks given to Dr. Denham, Dr. Bory, Dr. Tamura, Dr. Robb, Dr. Wills, Dr. Fache, Dr. Green, and Dr. Luis. 

All images not cited are my own.